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Payments to Suppliers over £500 - Year 2010/11

Basildon Council has been required to publish details of all payments to suppliers over £500 since January 2011.

The following reports list individual invoices paid by Basildon Council with a value of over £500 (excluding VAT) each month. This allows residents to see the money that the Council spends with different suppliers, but excludes payments made to individuals such as Council Tax refunds and benefit payments.

The following needs to be considered when viewing the information:

  • The information is provided for invoices paid in the reporting period, which is not necessarily when the goods or services were received.
  • The information is expenditure only and does not reflect any income in relation to the expenditure. For example there may be external funding or the expenditure generates income e.g. through the sale of tickets etc.

If you would like to know more specific information about the payments contained in the spreadsheets below, please email to request more details.

The information is available in XLS, which can be read by OpenOffice and Microsoft Excel.

excel icon Invoices over £500 paid in March 2011 VAT_exc (XLS) [116kb]

excel icon Invoices over £500 paid in February 2011 VAT exc (XLS) [94kb]

excel icon Invoices over £500 paid in January 2011 VAT exc (XLS) [87kb]

excel icon Invoices over £500 paid in December 2010 VAT exc (XLS) [92kb]

excel icon Invoices over £500 paid in November 2010 VAT exc. (XLS) [95kb]

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