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Corporate Plan 2016-2020 - "Improving lives, creating opportunity"

The Corporate Plan sets out Basildon Council's ongoing vision and strategic priorities for the borough.

The strategic priorities described in the Corporate Plan have been established in collaboration with borough residents and stakeholders in order to identify the outcomes that they and Basildon Council collectively hope to achieve.

The Corporate Plan document

Basildon Council's Corporate Plan 2016-2020 document comprises the following sections:

  • Our priorities for the borough
  • How we will deliver them
  • About the Borough
  • Our vision statement and our promises for the borough
  • Promises
  • Our promise to staff
  • Delivery of the corporate plan

Download a copy now: pdf icon Basildon Council - Corporate Plan 2016-2020 [9Mb]

Corporate Plan Core Principles

The Corporate Plan is underpinned by three core principles which will guide council activity during the period 2016-20:

1. Get the basics right

  • Keep public spaces clean and safe
  • Deal with enquiries and keep residents informed.

2. Value for money and strong governance

  • Build a strong reputation based on trust and confidence
  • Meet expectations and deliver outcomes.

3. Working with others

  • Show strong community leadership
  • Involve all stakeholders of the borough including: the public sector, private sector, voluntary and charity organisations and residents.

Our five key promises

Our overall ambition is segmented into five key promises:

1. We will support residents to develop stronger communities

Examples of outcomes we are seeking:

  • More opportunities to volunteer and get involved
  • Communities working together on matters affecting their local area
  • Children within the borough getting the best possible start in life.

2. We will enhance and build pride in the local environment

Examples of outcomes we are seeking:

  • Clean and attractive open spaces
  • Communities that actively contribute towards looking after the local environment
  • A borough that helps people stay healthy, with places to spend time outdoors.

3. We will enable regeneration and secure homes

Examples of outcomes we are seeking:

  • Residents will be able to find a home that meets their needs within the area
  • Vibrant and diverse town centres
  • Development is balanced with supporting infrastructure.

4. We will help grow the local economy

Examples of outcomes we are seeking:

  • Residents to have high aspirations supported by access to training, education and learning
  • Reduced levels of unemployment
  • Greater engagement with local businesses which are able to achieve their growth plans.

5. We will endeavour to keep communities safe and healthy

Examples of outcomes we are seeking:

  • Residents to feel safe in their communities
  • Improved physical and mental health and well-being of residents
  • Reduction in health inequalities across the borough
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