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Social Housing by Type

There are two broad types of social housing the Council provides to meet the needs of its clients;

General Needs Housing

General Needs includes all properties other than Sheltered Housing.

If you are eligible to join the housing register we will then assess your circumstances and your housing application will be placed into one of the following priority categories on the housing register:

Exceptional, High, Medium or Low.

To be considered for a Medium, High or Exceptional priority category proof of local connection will be required at the time you apply.

Details of eligibility criteria can be found in the pdf icon Housing Allocations Scheme [1Mb]

If you are placed in one of the low priority bands, unless you are registered for Sheltered Housing it is very unlikely that you will receive any bids/offers of accommodation, when you apply we will discuss this with you in more detail before we send you a form.

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing provides older residents with a comfortable, manageable and secure home of their own; preserving their privacy, dignity and independence, whilst giving them ready access to additional support when they need it.

Sheltered housing is not residential care. It is not intended or designed to provide nursing care.

The Council provides specialist housing in its Sheltered Housing schemes.

The Scheme Co-ordinator maintains daily contact with residents and can organise a whole range of additional services to help.

For more information on Sheltered Housing, including the criteria for eligibility, please look at our Sheltered and Supported Housing page.

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