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The Borough Diary - the newspaper of Basildon Borough Council In order to properly communicate with local residents, Basildon Council's Marketing and Communications team uses dozens of different channels including Community Television, the Internet, text messaging, roadshows and events, e-bulletins, leaflets, posters and flyers, brochures and the local media.

A key element of the Council's communications work is the Borough Diary. This is Basildon Council's own newspaper, distributed free to all households in the Basildon borough (approximately 78,000).

It is an important way for the Council to tell residents about Council services, policies and performance. It is also a means for residents to find contact information for the Council and to feedback their views and questions.

Research across local government has shown that a good Council newspaper helps to significantly improve residents' satisfaction with their local authority, as they are likely to feel better informed and more in touch with their Council. The Borough Diary is published up to four times a year.

The print and distribution cost of each edition of the Borough Diary is approximately £9,000. All other costs (such as staff and design) are absorbed by the Marketing and Communications department. However, our aim is to off-set the cost of the publication - as much as possible - by generating advertising income. Each edition generates approximately £2,000 of advertising.

The Borough Diary is produced by Basildon Council's Marketing and Communications team, with support and input from staff from other departments in the Council. No member of staff is employed specifically to work on the Borough Diary.

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