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Plan today, be prepared for tomorrow

Plan today and be prepared for tomorrow with our pocket-sized guide to emergencies.

What to do in an emergencyPlan today, be prepared for tomorrow

Basildon Council's emergency planning team has produced a handy pocket sized guide, known as a "Z Card", that could help you, your family and your friends to prepare for an emergency.

The guide does not set out to alarm anyone but is simply promoting common sense for us all to consider how to react, cope and keep safe in an emergency.

There are simple suggestions for things that you can do now, and the suggested contents of a "Grab Bag" that would be of use to you if you had to leave your home

Another feature is that there is space for you to tailor important telephone numbers that relate to you personally.

Download your own copy, take time to read the information and prepare yourself and family for that possible emergency.

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