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Speech Enabled Website

This website is speech-enabled, allowing customers to listen to our website rather than having to read it.

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Whether you are using a

  • PC or MAC
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone,

What is BrowseAloud Plus?

BrowseAloud Plus is feature of our (and many other websites) that provides reading support on websites.

BrowseAloud Plus reads website content out loud, highlighting each word as it is spoken in a high quality, human-sounding voice.

Other features include:

  • Dual-Colour Highlighting
  • Text Magnification
  • Talking Dictionary
  • Talking Translator
  • MP3 Maker
  • Screen Masking

Who can BrowseAloud Plus Help?

BrowseAloud Plus helps any website visitor who requires online reading support or simply wishes to listen to the information on this website instead of reading it. BrowseAloud Plus is particularly useful for those with print disabilities such as dyslexia or mild visual impairments and those with English as a second language.

How do I get BrowseAloud Plus?

Click on the "Listen to this website with Browsealoud" link at the top of every page. This will open the BrowseAloud Control Panel:

Browsealoud Control Panel

Click on 'Settings' to personalise how BrowseAloud Plus will work for you.

Help is available for BrowseAloud Plus  on the BrowseAloud website.

Why speech enable our website?

Speech enabling our website provides an additional way of accessing our content for people who find it hard to read. This includes those with dyslexia or learning difficulties, as well as those for whom English is not their first language, or anyone with a mild visual impairment. It is not designed to replace other screen readers like JAWS.

Does it work on all pages?

BrowseAloud Plus will read every web page on our site. It can also read PDF's in Adobe Reader Version 9.0 onwards. This meets the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) Level A guidelines for accessibility.

We welcome your feedback

We welcome your feedback on the BrowseAloud service.

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