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Inclusion and Diversity - Equal Opportunities Statement of Commitment

Basildon Borough Council is committed to equal opportunities both in the provision of services and as an employer. Basildon Council has adopted equal opportunities as one of its core values.

One Basildon One community EQUALITY of opportunity for all sections of our community and workforce is an essential value for this Council. This means recognising the inequalities which people suffer and taking action to reduce them. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring fairness towards colleagues and the community we serve.

This commitment is integral to the provision of any service and the employment conditions of each and every member of staff. We expect all our staff to promote equality in the workplace and in the services we deliver. In this way, the Council can help redress inequality.

Equal opportunities mean access to jobs, services, information and participation for everyone. The Council recognise that because some groups of people experience prejudice and discrimination to make opportunities really available we have to make an extra effort. We mention some groups in particular because they are people who have commonly been disadvantaged.

The Council's commitment to a fair deal, for women, black and ethnic minorities, lesbians and gay men, pensioners and disabled people is a recognition of the difficulties and inequalities which these groups continue to face. The Council is committed to tackling class disadvantage and to provide services which improve the quality of life and life chances of local communities.

Basildon Borough Council exists to represent and provide services for all people of the Borough.

Our equal opportunities policy requires that the Council recognises and respects cultural and religious diversity and serves all sections of our local communities. Everyone should know what is available from the Council.

Access to services will be based on need or entitlement. The Council will be open in its approach and make sure that we find out and take account of the views and experience of our diverse community. The varied needs, expectations and culture of local people will be reflected in the range, sensitivity and relevance of our services.

In the context of pressure on resources and change, achieving equality assumes an even greater importance and requires even greater commitment.

The Council is committed to developing new and innovative ways of promoting and achieving equality of opportunities and outcomes in collaboration with all its partners within the Borough.


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