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Appraisals and Assessments

Details of Local Plan Sustainability Appraisals, Strategic Environmental Assessments and Habitat Regulation Assessment

IMPORTANT CHANGE; From March 2012, changes to national planning policy replaced the term 'Local Development Framework' (LDF) with the term 'Local Plan'. Any historic references to the LDF in our documentation should be now considered as if they read 'Local Plan'

Local Plans must, by law, be prepared using taking into account the findings of Sustainability Appraisal (SA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulation Assessments (HRA).

  • SA is a methodical evaluation of a plan or policy that examines it from a social, environmental and economic perspective to try and make sure it helps deliver sustainable development;
  • SEA is undertaken at the same time as SA to ensure the plan or policies comply with European Directive 2001/42/AC which seeks to ensure Special Protection Areas (Spas) and Special Areas of Conservation (Sacs) are not adversely impacted by a plan/ policy;

Whilst the objectives of SA and SEA are different, their methodologies are similar. Therefore the continual SA process of each Local Plan incorporates the necessary assessment requirements of the SEA Directive, ensuring sustainability and environmental issues are embedded into every Local Plan's preparation.

  • HRA is undertaken to assess whether the plan will have any impact on sites protected by Directive 92/43/EEC (Natura 2000 sites). The Directive requires an Appropriate Assessment (AA) to be carried out to ascertain whether the proposed plan would adversely affect the integrity of the sites.

Whilst there are no Natura 2000 sites in the Borough, there are a number within 15 km of the boundaries and a few further afield that have a role in the Borough's water supply.

Latest News - Core Strategy Revised Preferred Options Report 2013

As part of the production of its Core Strategy Revised Preferred Options Report 2013, the Council has carried out a a SA (including SEA) and HRA.

The SA Report for the Core Strategy Revised Preferred Options Report are available below:

pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Non Technical Summary - December 2013 [628kb]
pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal - December 2013 [4Mb]
pdf icon Sustainability Appraisal Technical Appendices - December 2013 [8Mb]
pdf icon Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening - December 2013 [730kb]

Adopted SA/SEA Scoping Report 1st November 2013

The Council updated its SA/SEA Scoping Report in line with legislation to inform the preparation of the Local Plan Core Strategy Revised Preferred Options Report taking in to account comments made by statutory consultees during the consultation period (31 July - 11 September 2013).

The new SA/SEA Scoping Report 2013 updates and supersedes all previous versions.

pdf icon Basildon Borough SA-SEA Scoping Report [1Mb]

pdf icon Basildon SA Scoping Report Consultee Comments [137kb]

Previous Stages

Core Strategy Preferred Options Report 2012

As part of the production of its Core Strategy Preferred Options Report 2012, the Council undertook a SA/SE.

The purpose of this appraisal was to determine the performance, in sustainability terms, of the Core Strategy to assist with the identification of the appropriate policies, predict implications for sustainable development and put forward recommendations for improvement where necessary.

A Sustainability Appraisal Report (SA Report), documenting the findings of the SA process, is being published alongside the Core Strategy Preferred Options, in accordance with the SEA Regulations and SA Guidance.

The SA Report for the Core Strategy Preferred Options Report and its appendices are available below:

SA/ SEA Scoping Report and Site Assessment Methodology 2008/2011

All S As are subject to a Scoping stage, where Statutory Consultees and other bodies are invited to comment on the scope and level of detail of the SA to be carried out for each document.

The Council has consulted on both its Core Strategy SA/SEA Scoping Report and its Site Assessment Methodology & Criteria. This consultation lasted for five weeks (2 July - 6 August 2008) and 32 statutory and specialist organisations were invited to comment on the draft.

The responses are set out in this document pdf icon Responses to the SA/ SEA Site Assessment Methodology and Criteria [241kb]

Before adopting the SA/SEA Scoping Report and the Site Assessment Methodology and Criteria, the Council consulted, between 21 March and 26 April 2011, the statutory consultees (the Environment Agency, Natural England and English Heritage) in order to confirm they had no further objections.

The responses to this consultation are set out in the following document pdf icon Statutory Consultee responses to the Consultation on SA/ SEA Criteria [156kb]

On the 2 June 2011, Cabinet adopted:

The SA/SEA Scoping Report defined the Sustainability Appraisal Framework and the 19 Sustainability Appraisal Objectives against which the Core Strategy objectives and policies will be assessed.

The Site Assessment Methodology and Criteria, based on the 19 Sustainability Appraisal Objectives defined in the Scoping Report, was developed to assess the sustainability of potential sites. It is part of the overall SA/SEA process and provided a basic level of assessments to help considering options for land allocations.

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