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Local Plan 2014 - 2034

Information on the Council's emerging Local Plan, including the Draft Local Plan, Sustainability Appraisals, Policies Map and FAQs

IMPORTANT CHANGE; From March 2012, changes to national planning policy replaced the term 'Local Development Framework' (LDF) with the term 'Local Plan'. Any historic references to the LDF in our documentation should be now considered as if they read 'Local Plan'

Work started in December 2014 on a new Local Plan that will provide the planning framework for the future growth and development of the Basildon Borough area until 2034. The new Local Plan will identify land for housing, businesses, shops and leisure, as well as areas for protection, such as open space and sites important for wildlife.

Draft Local Plan 2016

The Draft Local Plan, its Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment and Service Impact Assessment were the subject of consultation from January and March 2016. A Statement of Consultation was approved by the Council's Cabinet on the 29 September 2016, setting out how Basildon Borough Council undertook the consultation. It also summarises the results of the consultation, identifying the key issues that arose. It sets out 52 key actions that could be taken to ensure that the next version of the Local Plan addresses those issues raised by consultees before the plan is finalised for submission to the Government.

To view the Draft Local Plan consultation documents and the Statement of Consultation, see Documentation - Draft Local Plan Consultation 2016.

Local Plan New and Alternative Sites

As part of the consultation on the Draft Local Plan, representations were received from developers in relation to specific sites and alternative proposals, providing the opportunity to consider some alterations to the housing site allocations in the Local Plan, and consequently the distribution of development across the Borough.

On 29 September, the Council approved a further round of consultation on the New and Alternative sites, which ran for six weeks from 3 November to 15 December. 2016.

The evidence from this consultation, in addition to any comments received during the previous consultation, will be used to inform a revised final draft which will be considered by the Council for approval to submit to the Government for Independent Examination.

To view the New and Alternative sites consultation documents and the Statement of Consultation, see Documentation - Local Plan New and Alternative Sites Consultation 2016.

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