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Doing business with Basildon Council - Confidential reporting (Whistle blowing)

Our Confidential Internal Reporting Policy and Procedure (Whistle blowing).

Basildon Council is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of openness & accountability.

In line with that commitment, Basildon Council expects employees and others it deals with, to come forward and voice any serious concerns they have about any aspect of the Council's work.

Basildon Council will recognise when there is a need for a 'Whistle blowing' case to proceed on a confidential basis and will act accordingly.

The policy applies to all employees and those contractors working for the Council on Council premises, for example:

  • housing association staff,
  • agency staff,
  • builders,
  • drivers.

It also covers suppliers and others providing services under a contract with the Council in their own premises.

Do you have serious concerns about any aspect of the Council's work?
If so please complete our strictly confidential reporting form: Online form - Report suspected fraud and corruption

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