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Infectious diseases - investigation

There are 30 diseases that must, by law, be reported to local councils (notifiable diseases). These include infections such as Salmonella and other food poisoning, Dysentery, Tuberculosis and Rubella.


Service Aim

To secure the control of communicable disease, to reduce preventable ill-health and injury and to promote healthy lifestyles.

How Will We Achieve This?

  • We will investigate all formal notifications of statutory notifiable infectious diseases received in accordance with the Joint Action Plan agreed by the South Essex Local Authorities and the South Essex Health Authority.
  • We will assist the Consultant in Communicable Disease (CCDC) in the event of any declared outbreak of an infectious disease within the BDC area.
  • We will provide weekly statistical returns to the Office of Population Census and Surveys of notifications received.
  • We will maintain a database of all formal and informal notifications received
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