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Animal Control, Licensing and Welfare

Report Loose or Stray Animals Image icon - Information Reporting loose or stray animals on the highways or on public land. What to do if you find or take possession of a loose or stray dog. Report Animal Nuisance Image icon - Information Report animal fouling or odour nuisance and animal noise nuisance. Report a Dead Animal Image icon - Laptop Report finding a dead animal on the roads or in a public place. Not for reporting a dead animal at a private residence Report Animal Cruelty or an Animal in Distress Image icon - Information Owners and keepers are responsible for the welfare of their animals. Animal cruelty or failure to meet an animal's welfare needs can result in a ban, a fine or a prison sentence. Dogs - Tags, Microchipping, Stray, Lost, Nuisance, Dangerous, Attacks, Events Dog Information on dog ID tags and microchipping, stray and nuisance dogs, dangerous dogs and dog attacks, licences for dog breeding and boarding kennels. Animal Licences and Animal Business Licences Image icon - Apply Licences are required for animal boarding establishments, dog breeding, pet shops, riding establishments, dangerous animals and zoos Permission for Housing Tenants to Keep Pets Image icon - Tick house Tenants of Basildon Council need permission to keep pets. Tenants of private landlords and housing associations usually need permission to keep pets. Pet Travel and Pet Passports Image icon - Information Advice and information for those planning to travel abroad with a pet or planning to bring a pet or animal into the UK. Farm Animals and/or Poultry On Domestic Premises Image icon - Information Certain farm animals kept on domestic premises must be registered and may be subject to legal restrictions. Horses, Ponies, Donkeys and Riding Establishments Image icon - Horse Horses, ponies and donkeys are subject to regulations. Riding establishments require a licence to operate. Dangerous Wild Animals and Exotic Animals Image icon - Information Advice on where to find information about those species of animals that may require a licence to keep or sell, or specialist knowledge to look after. Wildlife Crime Image icon - Information Wildlife crimes such as poaching, killing or disturbing protected species , damaging their breeding places or illegally trading in endangered species, should be reported.
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