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Housing Allocations Scheme

Basildon Council's Housing Allocations Scheme - introduced in October 2014.

Basildon Council's October 2014 Housing Allocations Scheme replaced the Council's earlier Allocations Policy 2005 (revised March 2009), and has been in place since 17 October 2014. The 2014 Housing Allocations Scheme takes up the opportunities provided by the Localism Act 2011, and complies with the supporting new Code of Guidance on allocation of accommodation. The Scheme was reviewed in April 2017 to ensure that it remains lawful and relevant to the changing housing needs of the local and wider community. Approved changes were implemented in February 2018.

Under the Housing Act 1996, the Council is responsible for allocation schemes and must use it to allocate social and affordable housing, including housing owned by the Council and properties made available to the Council by other housing providers under a variety of legal agreements and shared practice.

This scheme includes provision for nominations to other housing Registered Providers (commonly known as housing associations). The aim is to maximise social and housing opportunities for applicants. Applicants joining the Homeseeker register will be considered for properties owned both by the Council and by other partners and are unable to exclude either one as their future landlord.

The demand for social housing in the Borough far outstrips the supply that Basildon Council has available and therefore we must prioritise those with the greatest need. This means that for most households, the chances of being offered a property by the Council are extremely low and other housing options will need to be identified and considered.

In order to maximise opportunities and reflecting the fact that demand for housing is much greater than supply, Basildon Council is supporting the development of new homes locally, and operates a number of schemes outside the housing allocations scheme, which are designed to increase the options available to those seeking homes in the borough. These include access to low cost home ownership, and support for some groups in finding privately rented housing.

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